R. E. Darling Co., Inc.
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Our Products

Molded and Specialty Fabricated Products
Approximately 85-90% of these products are produced for aerospace and defense use such as solid rocket motor insulation and exhaust components.
Breathing Hose and Related Life Support Equipment
REDAR produces breathing hose primarily for military use. Applications include hose for aviators, ground troops, ground vehicles (i.e. tanks and armored vehicles), diving and space use. REDAR also produces chemical agent resistant hose, including DARPRO covered hose.
Custom Mixing Services
REDAR custom mixes a variety of rubber compounds for many applications. Services include compound formulation, internal or open mill mixing, calendering and extrusion. Compounds mixed include a wide variety of synthetic rubbers, natural rubber and silicone.
Mining Products
The DARPRO Edge Strip System utilizes a mechanical lock to secure a semi-permanent edge strip with sealed corners to three edges of the mother cathode blank used for producing starter sheets.
Capabilities/Core Competencies
  • Solid Rocket Motor insulation and exhaust components
    • Compression and transfer molding
    • Mandrel built (hand lay-up)
    • Autoclave and oven curing
    • Tape wrapping
  • Engineered rubber and composite products
    • Bonding operations
      • Rubber-to-rubber
      • Rubber-to-metal
      • Phenolic/composite-to-metal
    • Mold and tooling design and fabrication
  • Machining of rubber and phenolic composites
  • Breathing hose and related life support equipment
  • Custom mixed rubber
    • SRM insulation formulations
    • Industrial applications
    • Internal and open mill mixing
    • Calendering, extrusion