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Life Support Breathing Hose

Our business started building Life Support Breathing Hose in a small family garage in the suburban Washington DC area. We’ve been in business now for over 60 years and REDAR continues to produce breathing hose primarily for military use. Applications include hose for aviators, ground troops, ground vehicles (including tanks and armored vehicles). Our involvement
with manned space flight started in the early days of Mercury. We manufactured many Life Support hoses used during lunar adventures of Apollo. We were there for the Space Shuttle beginnings and continue as part to the International Space Station. These programs have paved the way for REDAR to continue supplying life support systems beyond the Space Shuttle program.

Our products are designed and built to withstand the most demanding situations that man can face. Customized hose and cable design, including material development and connectors configured to meet exacting requirements, are our specialty. REDAR also produces chemical agent resistant hose, including DARPRO covered hose.

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