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Composite Manufacturing - Calendared Rubber, EPDM Rubber, Custom Rubber Mixing & Compression Molding

Welcome to R.E. Darling

At R. E. Darling we are committed to our customers, employees and community. Our employees are dedicated to producing quality products, as they know, someone’s life depends on them functioning properly.

Integrity, respect and trust are core values of our Company. What we think, say and do are a reflection of who we are. It’s with integrity that we conduct ourselves and our business, and earn the respect and trust of our customers and employees. By giving our best each and every day, we earn the respect of our customers and each other. Each employee recognizes the strength we gain when we work together as a team to meet our common goals. We value the diversity of our team and what each member has to bring to the table.

We strive to foster a positive work environment by including families in events and activities and offering exceptional benefits designed to support the wellness of our employees and their dependants. By participating in such group activities, we view our coworkers as our extended family. The wellness of each family unit enhances the productivity and satisfaction of our employees and strengthens our team as a whole.

The employees of R. E. Darling extend our commitment to each other to include our community as well. Employees at R. E. Darling participate annually in a wide range of community events, including Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure and Tucson Marathon benefitting Better than Ever and the fight against cancer. Our employees have demonstrated their generosity during our annual United Way Campaign, collecting diapers to support area non-profit agencies, and other supply/fund raising events for those in need. R. E. Darling believes in encouraging volunteerism and annually sends employees out into the community during the United Way Days of Caring. During the Days of Caring employees enjoy the opportunity to work together on different community projects. At R. E. Darling we don’t help others because we feel obligated to do so; we help others because we want to make a difference in their quality of life.
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